The True Story of Creber's Rock Cider

Apparently everyone, every company must have a story. Ours is short

Made some Cider

Made some More 

Started Selling it

Yes, we only use English Apples from West Country Orchards in Devon Somerset and Dorset.

Yes our ciders are all fermented by wild yeasts

No we don't intentionally water down our cider, but for the sake of honesty we only guarantee that our ciders are 97% freshly pressed apple juice fermented as some water gets in when we wash the apples and the fermenting vessels.

Also we do add sugar if the sugar levels in the apples are low (to get enough alcohol) and to back sweeten some of our ciders.

Also we do sometimes use sulphites, we declare this on the bottles when we do. You should assume any draught cider contains sulphites unless the cider maker has declared otherwise.

Our cider vinegar never contains sulphites, added sugar or any apples grown with the use of man made chemicals 


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